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Upgrading of CRM system for CCIP

The CRM system for CCIP company is now being upgraded, based on its 1st phase functions.

New functions include:
- Tracking the purchasing behavior process of the customers
- Memos for potential customers to remind the timely contacts
- All-round comprehensive analysis for the sources of customers
- Automatically assigning customers to different salespersons.
- Automatically remind the managers to supervise the tracking process of customers

At the same time, we developed a EDM system for CCIP company. The functions are:
- EDM system helps you choose related customers in database to send emails 
- Define your customized email template in EDM system
- Sending out emails and tracking for the replies and feedbacks
- When a customer clicks the links in the email and after the return of his/her landing page, his/her information and behavior will be saved automatically