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UNICOM GLOBAL IT SOLUTIONS LTD. CO was established in 1986 with its headquarter in Vienna, the Capital of Austria. It mainly involves in trans-national media, IT, training and cultural exchanges. In 1996, UNICOM Group set up Unicom International Trade Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China, and in 2005, it successfully established Unicom Media & E-Solutions Co., Ltd. in Los Angeles in US, focusing on high technology business.

To satisfy the need of Chinese market for high technology, UNICOM Group set up Unicom Global IT Solutions Ltd. Co in 2006 in Beijing, holding a business concept of providing media service and e-training.

Abundant Service Experiences

Through years of efforts, Unicom has become a pioneer on e-learning solutions. Our successful experiences have offered our international clients, such as Toyota Finance (China), Toyota University (US), Siemens (Germany) and Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, a complete service chain.

Complete Production Line and Solutions
We provide a wide range of services from establishment consultation to project concept, from setting up requirements to realizing proposal, from providing a complete e-learning index to achieving individual learning module. Our team develops on-line courses independently, multimedia elements, individual thinking and production to and of the courses. An all-round language support has been a remarkable transmission platform for globalized media. Trans-cultural consultation and training are becoming indispensable for localization of international businesses. Hi-tech solutions are serving as a platform on which modern enterprises can achieve highly efficient working.
First-Class Consultation, Development and Design Team
Our international team works closely to respond to projects from Europe, America and Asia. By utilizing our accumulated valuable experience and advanced media technology, we have provided customized solutions for our clients again and again. We also offer on-site services and 24-hour operation around the globe, which fully demonstrates our advantage as an integrated global team.
Excellent Credibility
Through six years of development, our company has built up an extended partner network, enabling us an excellent popularity and credibility in the industry. Our partners include:
Toyota Finance China, Toyota Finance US, Toyota University US, Siemens Germany, WIFI Austria, Austrian Airlines, Vienna Federal Chamber of Commerce, Salzburg Tourism Service, Vienna Airport, Denso China, China Airlines, Swarovski, Omega, Tissot, Beijing Kingsoft, CEP, Operation Blessing (OB), Austrian Information website, Vienna Royal Decoration Co.
We are still innovating, and innovation is our driving source. We are making progress every day. Our progresses are our clients, while our achievements are also our clients.

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