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Certification & Training

Europe training for Fudan UniversityEuropean environmental protection training by Qingdao Environmental Protection BureauForum of Qingdao Urban ConstructionEuropean technology certification Equestrian communicationCross-Culture TrainingEuropean Welding Technology Center

We have been providing management training in China since 2002, and been credited by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) as a Foreign Training Institute Cooperate Partner, who can directly bring in European financial aid for domestic training institutes and organize Chinese counterparts to Austria for training.

  • Technical Institute of Taiyuan Heavy Industry of Shanxi
  • Chengdu Science & Technology Bureau
  • Hailan Group
  • Management Training for Presidents of Medical College of Fudan University
  • Hospital Management of Qingdao Hygiene Bureau
  • Shandong Municipal Hygiene Institute and Food Safety Management Institute
  • Qingdao Olympic Hotel Management
  • Training with the theme of “Establishing a harmonious society, setting up rural security system”